My jewelry is a part of a journey. Each piece holds a bit of my story, born from the fusion of art, architecture, and photography.

I graduated in architecture and specialized in landscape photography. My work on the city and contemporary landscape has been published in Controspazio, Joven, I Quaderni di Alveare, and other trade publications.

Since 2010, I have been back in Sicily, an emotional refuge, but also an endless source of inspiration. Slowly, photography started blending with metals, giving birth to a whole new world of jewelry.


Out of passion and work, my eyes are continuously drawn to details: the majolica tiling of ancient Sicilian noble palaces, the mixed marbles of Baroque churches, the small and colorful flowers of spontaneous vegetation that capture me and become the subjects of my photographs.

It is from this research that the MADUNA and FLEURS collections are born, projects that are constantly evolving. Brass, a material with a warm heart that complements the nuances of our island, harmoniously interacts with my tiles.

Brass is also at the core of the MIRAR line, inspired by ancient Sicilian jewelry, where ceramic tesserae replace the precious stones that embellished antique jewelry.

Whether you are captivated by Sicilian architecture, in love with its nature and landscapes, or simply looking for a piece of jewelry that speaks to your heart, you are in the right place. If you have questions, personalized requests, or simply wish to share your passion for art and Sicily, do not hesitate to contact me.”