Orange petal ring


Collection: Maduna
Type: Ring
Metal: Brass
Processing and Finishing: Direct digital printing on kapa, an ultra-lightweight, rigid, and resistant material. Each tile is cut, enameled, and glazed by hand. The ring base is made of brass, cut, and hand-finished.
Dimensions: Tile 2×2 cm, adjustable base.
Style: maioliche e cementine.


Orange petals ring

Madùna Collection

From the study of ceramic and cement flooring, widespread in private buildings and churches between the 18th and 19th centuries, the ‘MADUNA’ line was created with the intention of narrating Palermo and Sicily through its architecture.

Typology: ring
Metal: brass
Workmanship and finish: digital majolica print on kapa, a light, rigid and resistant material.

Each tile is cut, enamelled and glazed by hand.
Hand-cut and hand-finished brass ring base.
Dimensions: 2×2 cm tile, adjustable base

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